NEU! Das Retro-Rechner-Quartettspiel!

32 Computer-Klassiker als Quartettkartenspiel.

Ab sofort erhältlich!

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We did it! All 12 Pictures of the Nerd Dreams Calendar 2013 are shot. They are beautiful!

Now the calendar goes to print and will be available shortly. We ship abroad.

Our thanks go out to:
- Our fantastic photographer Anna Schnauss
- Our Make-Up Artistin Ramona
- Our Stylistin Dominika
- Model Scarlett (Sinclair ZX81)
- Model Raluca (Apple Newton)
- Model Katerina (X-Mas)
- Model Laura F (Apple IIe)
- Model Laura B (NextCube)
- Model Ariane (Iris Indigo)
- The other six models
- Last but not least: All Journalists from Rio to Hindustan and Baltimore for their kind interest in our project!

    The Making-of

    Get to know the computers and models of the Nerd Dreams Calendar 2013!
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    A Memorial to the Digital Revolution

    Some of us are to young too remember, but there was an exiting time when computers were not yet part of everyday life. The Nerd Dreams Calendar 2013 will bring to you the machines that led the digital revolution, long before the smartphones and the tablets of our day and age.

    C64, Amiga, Atari ST, Mac SE were among the melodious names that changed our lives forever. (The calendar even features the only line of computers produced in the former socialist Germany, the German Democratic Republic GDR, the Robotron KC 87!)

    To operate these machines, you needed to know how! Remember 5 1/4 inch floppy disks and command prompts? The beeping modems and slow connections? Matrix printers and fanfold paper?

    As a result, a class of computer nerds formed. Call them geeks or even dorks, they paved the way to the all the digital pleasures that make our lives so much richer today! To remember both the early computers and the nerds operating them, I want to produce the Nerd Dreams Calenders 2013.


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